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Wise Owl here, Your Guildmaster!

This website has been created just for our

Going 4 Gold! Guild Members.

As we all know the in-game chat is so basic.  It only holds so many posts, oldest post drops off when new post is added. Sometimes this can happen very fast. So it makes it very hard for all team members to keep up to date & see all the How to / Tips we share.

See this Chat Guide for full understanding of how the in-game chat board works.

With that in mind this site is born

& work in progress to be able to refer to evergreen information.

You will find what our Guild is About & our Guild Rules further down on this page

All Game Tips & How To’s are categorised under Guides

NOTE: the game is constantly updated with new features, new factories, new products, new graphics – but fundamentally the Tips & How To’s remain the same

Navigating around the site:

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Guild About

Know, Understand & Apply

Guild Rules

Know, Understand & Apply

Guild Ranking & Points

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New Member Guide

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=== !! Our Guild – Going 4 Gold! WHAT IS IT ABOUT? ===

>>> For a STRONG TEAM We All Need To Be On The Same Page & Play Our Part <<< so …

… We Are Building A New Team Of Like Minded Competitive Players

& Are Clear On What This Means …

… We enjoy the Thrill of Dragon Racing Every Week & Aim to Win! …

… We are TEAM MATES that:

*Are Friendly

*Luv 2 Play Daily & Spend Time in the Game

*Luv 2 Have Fun

*Luv 2 Chat in English, Interact, Reply

*Luv 2 Help Each Other

*Luv 2 Race Competitively, Get Points to Win Race as Quickly as Possible!

=== !! Going 4 Gold! GUILD RULES ===

Applies to All Team Members in order to stay in our guild:

> Agree with !! Our Guild – Going 4 Gold! WHAT IS IT ABOUT? (^^see above)

> Happy with being a Team Mate

> Always Read All Posts in Chat, Take Action, Reply

> Do Dragon Race Tasks & Get The Minimum of 10 Points Every Week

> Do More than 10 Dragon Race Tasks & Get the Points if possible

> Non Compliance means Removal from the Guild